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The list of Building Survey Services below are provided by BSC Building Surveyors & Consultants. If you are not sure which building survey service is suitable for your purpose, just contact us for FREE advice.

Our Services (Brief Description)

  1. Dilapidation Survey or Pre-Construction Condition Survey

A dilapidation survey is also known as a pre-construction condition survey in Malaysia. Building Surveyors carry out building inspections and record the existing condition of the buildings before a construction, a development or renovation activities at neighbouring or surrounding areas to prevent dispute in building damages.

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  1. Building Condition Survey & Building Defects Survey

Building Surveyors carry out surveys and inspection and report to you the general condition of your building, including recommendation for urgent or future repairs on building defects and necessary maintenance works.

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  1. Pre-Purchase Building Survey/ Due Diligence Survey

Building Surveyors  carry out surveys on the condition of building including all building defects and advice you accordingly before you buy a property to ensure whether the property is worth of that price.

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  1. Property Damage Due to Construction & Development Works

Building Surveyors carry out building surveys to identify the responsibilities of building damages, particularly on building cracks, settlement or misalignment. The survey report will also provide opinions on the possible causes of the building damages and recommendation for appropriate rectification works.

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