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A pre-purchase building survey is to assess the condition of a building before a purchase. Our Building Surveyors will let you know whether the property is worth of that price.

Pre-Purchase Building Survey/ Due Diligence Survey

  1. Who need a Pre-Purchase (Pre-Buying)/ Due Diligence Survey?

If you are a prospective building buyer of a property. Many buyers are uncertain as to what they need. In purchasing a building / property you are about to make a very large investment and with this in mind a comprehensive "Pre-purchase Building Survey or Due Diligence Survey" may be the safest choice.

  1. What is the difference between Pre-Purchase Surveys (Due Diligence Surveys) and a simple Building Valuation?
  • Building valuation

A valuation isn’t a survey. This is simply the value of the property, and though it includes a few comments on the condition of the building, is intended only to enable the lender, such as a bank, to determine the safety of their investment.

  • Pre-purchase condition survey or Due Diligence Survey

A detailed survey carried out by a Professional Building Surveyor (or Building Inspector) from BSC Building Surveyors & Consultants is to assess the condition of the building, in particular, the structure, fabrics and components, finishes, services and safety requirements. Surveys are a kind of ‘health check’ for buildings by a building doctor. If you’re buying a property, you should have a building survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor before you enter into a contract – or before making an offer.

A building survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor can actually save your money. If there are serious building problems, you can often re-negotiate the sale price of the building / property to reflect the cost of necessary repairs – or you may even decide you don’t want to buy the building at all.

There may be hidden building problems in the property that would cost a huge amount to put right – and they won’t appear in the valuation report. Which is why it’s really important you have a Pre-purchase Building Survey or Due Diligence Survey done by a Professional Building Surveyor.

‘Having a pre-purchase building survey by a Professional Building Surveyor makes good sense – and could save you thousands of Ringgit in repair bills’

  1. When a Pre-Purchase Survey or Due Diligence Survey is required?

The pre-purchase condition survey is to be conducted by a Professional Building Surveyor before a purchase of a property.

  1. What is the purpose of a Pre-Purchase Survey or Due Diligence Survey?

The purpose of the building surveys is to provide an opinion on the building condition or the general presentation of a property.

The pre-purchase building survey will assist the prospective buyers to have a good understanding on the property before they purchase the property, as the building survey report done by a Professional Building Surveyor provides information on building defects, building hazards, explaining what current repairs and future maintenance are needed and estimating how much they will cost. In other words, the pre-purchase survey report contains our findings and condition assessment for use by the buyers in consideration of their purchase of the property, or to decide whether or not the property is a reasonable purchase at agreed price. The Professional Building Surveyors also give their opinion on the particular features of the property which may affect its future resale.

"Should you contemplate purchasing a property, we strongly recommend that you obtain a Professional Building Surveyor’s report prior to your purchase. Some faults of the property will be important or costly to remedy."

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