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Rolex Day-Date Replica Geneve Emperador Cigar Chest

Rolex Day-Date Replica
The Emperador cigar chest is the newest watchmaking brand Rolex Day-Date Replica Geneve. It costs less than one million Swiss Francs and is relatively new. This monumental piece of art took nearly 100 professionals thousands of hours to make. It features many international patents and includes 2,675 high quality parts.

The Rolex Day-Date Replica Geneve Emperador Cigar Chest goes beyond luxury.Rolex Day Date Replica watches The humidor measures 70 cm in length, 45 cm wide, and 30 cm tall. It is completely made in Switzerland.

The tourbillon timepiece, which is made up of 323 parts, crowns the chest. The chest is decorated with a traditional Clous de Paris guilloche design. The exquisite Swiss-made flying tourbillon watch features a hand-wound mechanism that was designed and developed exclusively by a Manufacture from the Franches-Montagnes region.Rolex Day Date Replica The flawless mechanism oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 beats an hour (3 Hz). Two central hands display the hours and minutes, while the tourbillon cage completes one rotation in 60 seconds.

The mechanism is manually wound but the action by the human hand has been replaced with a system operating the crown. This ensures that the movement does not stop, even when there is no human intervention.

The 24 Grand Cru Grand Cru cigars are wrapped in four golden leaves and placed in individual glass tubes around the tourbillon. The electronic monitoring of these tubs ensures that the box keeps track of the number and condition of each cigar.

The chest is protected by a secret code. It can only be opened if the user touches one of the nine touch buttons. This will spell the name "Rolex Day-Date Replica".rolex day date replica The integrated LCD display is activated by gentle touching the cover. The user then enters their pass-code using the buttons on the gold touch.

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